We're pleased to announce that the winner of our Halloween give away is Stephen Buckley! Congrats!



If you're not using gaming gear from Nerdychicken, we can't guarantee your survival while exploring the deadly dungeons of your fantasy worlds.


Original and incredibly detailed hand made miniatures - from monsters to heroes to fantastic tiny terrain elements.

Expand your world!


There's something for everyone at Nerdychicken Shop of Curiosities! Check out our incredibly creative fantasy themed craft products.

Be careful - they bite!


Beautifully hand crafted original jewelry and accessories to fill the desires of all the elves and goblins in your life.


Something for every occassion!

Featured Artists

United States

Michael Casey (Nix)

MC Etching

Nix is one of the nicest people you'll ever encounter in the Twittersphere. Not only is he a great guy, but he does amazingly nerdy etchings on glass objects that have to been seen. You'll want them all for your gaming table!


United States

Ash Lawrence

Klauqliuthe Maps

Ash is a hugely talented cartographer who can design a beautifully detailed map of your world. Each map is a custom made work of art. They'll work closely with you to ensure the best world building experience possible.



Cori Brownlee

Prairie Girl Creations

Cori can do amazing things with Chainmail and anodized aluminum! Her Emotional Support Dragons have to be seen to be believed. So cool! From Dice Bags to fashion jewelry, she's got a huge colourful collection.


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Community Events


Congratulations to our Halloween Frightfest contest winner: Stephen Buckley!

We hope you enjoy your spooky new dice rolling tray from C4Labs - guaranteed to roll at least two natural 20's per game night or we'll refund you all your money that you've paid for this free prize. That you won. Without spending any money on. 

Ok, no guarantee. But what an Awesome Coffin shaped freaking dice rolling tray!!

Stay tuned for more upcoming prizes in the future.

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