What is Nerdychicken about? It’s about a nerd, whose father affectionately called her chicken when she was little, finally realizing that it’s okay to be who she is and to follow her dreams. It’s about friends who have lost their way in life finding new meaning and purpose in the things they love. It’s about a shared passion for fantasy lore and the imaginative minds that spawn it.

We at Nerdychicken want to provide easy access to fantasy and gaming themed art and accessories to our customers. We don’t just want to sell stuff though, we want to create a supportive community of like-minded individuals who

Doug "Dugbear" Little

Doug's been a consummate gamer since his middle school years back in the '80's, when he finally decided to check out this Dungeons and Dragons game that he kept seeing in the back of all the comics he collected. He was soon hooked and was DMing for his brother and neighborhood friends day and night. We all kind of looked like the Stranger Things kids. lol.

When high school came around the circle of friends grew and came to include our very own Nerdychicken (Nikki), and among these close friends, most of them still play every Monday night to this day.

Late blooming, in his early thirties, he went to college to become an animator (He was one of the doodlers in the group and loved designing characters and such) and spent a few years in the animation industry as an animator and Producer. It was fun making silly characters move around but it eventually wore him out. He kind of dropped off the radar and has been shuffling around battling and working his way out of depression. 

These days, his rather excitable Nerdychicken buddy has got his usually sedate nature equally excited about this venture. Let's see...surround himself with Nerdy things everyday for a living - Sign him up!


We want to be the best place not only for customers but specifically for artists to come and feel like they are part of the family, and are respected for the passion and hard work they put into their craft!



PS - My obsessive nature is forcing me to try and level off these two columns because Nikki's bit is longer. So don't mind me as I prattle on until things are nice and level. So against my better judgement Nikki wanted pics of us from high school - so feel free to re-live the 80's! Well I'm almost there, so - I really hope you all enjoy what we're trying to do here. Love ya all!

appreciate the care and attention that go into hand-crafting and who want that quality and attention to detail in their lives.

We are so excited to provide a wonderful and supportive space for fantasy artists to showcase their creations and for us to be able to share their stories and to make their pieces available for fantasy lovers everywhere for a fair price. We have a mission to make sure the artists we deal with always feel appreciated and the items we sell are handcrafted, unique, uncommon, authentic, and sometimes even personalized for our customers.

Nikki "Nerdychicken" Ewart

Nikki has been a study in confusion and indecision for the greater part of her life thus far. Never sure where she belonged or how to fit in, she grew a hard outer shell at a young age to protect her soft mushy inner bits. The best description of Nikki: calm, cool and confident on the outside; like a squirrel caught in traffic on the inside.


She knew at a very young age that she was different from the other kids and this put her on the outside. She loved things the other kids didn’t know about or didn’t care about like Star Wars, video games, comic books, Weird Al, and Tolkien. To make matters worse she would rather stab herself in the eye than touch the Barbies or wear the pretty dresses that were being jammed down her throat.


The only thing that ensured her survival into adulthood was her introduction to the world of D&D by Dugbear and the rest of the Monday night crew. These folks, her best friends even now, showed her a world where she could be whatever she wanted without anybody telling her it was wrong. She had found an escape that would keep her sane for many years to come.


A little later in life, after some turbulent times (battles with depression and anxiety, and dealing with the realization that, hidden in the background, ADD had plagued her throughout her entire life), she found her way to Critical Role and the nerdy community of Critters that grew from it. The heavens opened and the sun reached down, grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her until her walls crumbled, and her small heart grew three sizes that day! Not only had Nerdy found a place where she knew she belonged but she finally came to terms with being a full blooded, dragon loving, miniature coveting, role playing, dice whore!


Nerdychicken wants to give back by creating a space to protect the artists of this amazing community. The Shop of Curiosities is a dream come true for her and she hopes to use it to help others realize their dreams as well. No more indecision, she knows what she has to do, what she was meant to do.

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