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Well met,


All my life i have been making and creating things to bring the things of the imagination to a tangible place. A place to bring joy, create stories, inspire. after years working with Henna, clay, paint, glass, makeup, and many other mediums, I Find these adorable OwlBear Dice bags to be near and dear to my heart.


As a video gamer, board gamer, RPG player, GM, and streamer I enjoy the world of fantasy and magic. Everyone has a story to tell, and from this dreamer, born and raised in Pennsylvania, I hope that with each RPG Buddy delivered.... another marvelous adventure unfolds!


Keep believing and remember: ”Little Goals. Big Dreams.”


Maxine Baughman/ ThatGirl@ThatPlace

Handmade Crocheted Owlbear Dicebags!


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